The Thedford club curls out of the Forest curling arena on Tuesday evenings 9:00 PM to 11:00 PM.

The Thedford club started in 1892, curling on out-door ice, with each member supplying their own rocks. As you would expect, this added a complexity to the game as the rocks were not all the same size or weight. A few times per year members would jump onto the train (with their rocks) and go to one of the neighbouring clubs for a bonspiel. When the arena was built in 1949 the club relocated to the modern convenience of artificial ice. The club curled at both the old and new Thedford arenas (hockey ice) before moving to the Forest curling arena (curling ice) in approximately 1990. Thedford has curled out of Forest ever since.

Initially the Thedford club members were closely associated with Thedford but in the past few years the member ship has expanded to cover the Thedford / Forest / Parkhill / Arkona areas. Anyone who is interested in friendly, inexpensive curling is welcome to join.

The draw master sets up teams for the first 4 week draw, at the end of which mini prises are presented to the best teams. This process is then repeated for the next 4 week draw. The draw master sets up teams in such a way that everyone plays each position at least once throughout the season (lead, second, vice and skip). The members gather in the lounge after each game to have a beverage and rehash the game, some people consider this the best part of curling.

The contacts for the 2015 / 2016 curling season are:

The cost for the 2015 / 2016 curling season is $150.00

The league schedule will be posted when available.


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