GET READY! The new season is almost here.

As we gear-up for the new season this website will have updates posted as they are available. Check out "Membership", "Bonspiels" and the club "Calendar". The SWOSMBA (Tier 55) schedule is also new. Please join us in our brand new facility and attend the Grand Opening on October 20th at 7:00 PM.

Please check our Phase 2 Project Page for more details. The construction started on schedule and is well underway.

Our new kitchen takes shape as of August 25, 2017
The new serving area and extended lounge, Aug. 25
A taller perspective as at the last day of July
Great progressas of the end of July! - The elevator goes here. July 26, 2017
The new lobby looking toward Mac's office. July 26, 2017
The lounge looking toward the new kitchen. July 26, 2017
Where did the old kitchen go? - June 23, 2017
Bricks and motar under control - June 12, 2017
Progressing as planned - May 23, 2017

Mail Address: 6276B Townsend Line, Forest, ON, N0N 1J0   
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